Strategies to Help You Write Better Blog Post TitlesIn a world where we are all suffering from information overload, it is essential that blog titles catch the attention of prospective readers. A sizzling title inspires readers to click through and read more.

Following are strategies to help you write blog post titles that make readers want to read more:

Solutions – When you write blog posts that address the pain points of your target audience, you can capture the solutions in your titles. This is something the magazines do really well, as you can see from the examples above.

Lists – Online readers love quick and easy tips. Examples: 10 Ways to Earn More Money, 5 Solutions for Dry Winter Skin, and 20 Websites that Will Save You Money.

Intrigue – Titles can hint at something that makes readers want to click. Examples: Dog Training Secrets of Celebrity Trainers, 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Your 401K, or Small Business Tax Saving Strategies You Might Be Missing.

Controversy – Contrarian opinions and controversial positions grab attention. Take a stand against something in your industry or reveal details your audience doesn’t know about. Example: Money Down the Drain: Vitamins that You Probably Don’t Need to Take.

How To – Readers love prescriptive content, so starting a title with “How to” can easily grab attention. Examples: How to Raise Happier Kids, How to Get More Mileage Out of Your Old Car, or How to Get More Exercise When You Don’t Have Time to Spare.

Humor – Readers love stories that make them laugh, so you can have some fun with your titles if humor is your thing. Example: How to Get Your Own Gangnam Style.

Titles can be challenging for all of us, myself included. Pay attention to which titles generate the most activity, and which ones fall flat, and do more of what works for your audience. Also, write great content. You can have fantastic titles, but your content also needs to meet expectations in order to build loyal readers who come back for more.

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