You’ve been asking for a writing workshop and critique group and we are thrilled to bring you this powerful program.

I’ve invited Carla King, who has run nonfiction writing groups and workshops over two decades, to develop a summer course, workshop, and critique group to help you get your writing projects on track and finished.

If you’re ready to receive support with completing chapters, essays, blog posts or other writing projects, we know you will find this to be a valuable experience.

~ Stephanie Chandler, CEO, Nonfiction Authors Association 

Carla King Book Publishing Master Course and Certification

I’ve been there! When I was just starting out, I was nervous about sharing my writing, but I knew I needed to get serious about creating publishable work.

In 1998, after trying out several groups, I finally found the right one. We met monthly, but some of us traded our writing a lot more often than that. With the group’s help, I finished two books and countless articles and blog posts. We even self-published an anthology together, which was picked up by a New York publishing house.

A few years later I started leading writing groups and workshops so writers could get the accountability they needed to craft and finish their books. I’ve seen how workshopping is effective in both the short and the long term. It makes all the difference in a writer’s career. I’m proud to have facilitated groups where writers get to know each other and continue their relationships to become writing and critique partners long after the workshop ends.

In response to a couple of short experiences in toxic writing groups, I’ve developed a framework to ensure that members work together respectfully and constructively. Our group will be a safe and productive place for authors to meet and help each other improve your writing and finish your work.

~Carla King, Summer Workshop Leader


This workshop is ideal for authors, journalists, essayists, and bloggers seeking community, feedback, and motivation to help you get on track and finish your work. All nonfiction topics are welcome.

  • Business and technology
  • Health, fitness, sports
  • Medical, psychology, science
  • Politics, history, geography
  • Memoir, travel, humor
  • Any nonfiction topic

“I’m well on my way to writing my first book.”

“Carla has created a group structure that is respectful and fun. I look forward to the meetings every week and I’m grateful to all the members. There is no way I could have finished fifteen chapters of a first draft without the help of the group. With their excellent critiques and vital encouragement, I’m well on my way to finishing my first book.”

Peter Muny

2020-2021 Workshop

Dedicate this summer to finishing your chapters, book outline, blog posts, articles, or essays.

For Published and Unpublished Writers

Gain Accountability – Collaborating with a community of writers will help you finish your chapters, essays, blog posts, or other projects.

Receive Feedback – Whether you have some finished work and want to ensure the structure makes sense, or you have a work-in-progress and could benefit from guidance, you will gain support and clarity to make your work the best it can be.

Focus Your Ideas – Perhaps you have an idea for a book or an outline and a couple chapters written. This is the perfect time to get feedback before you go too far in the wrong direction.

Build Your Team of Beta Readers – Developing connections with early readers and investing time in appreciating each other’s work will help you begin to form your book launch team with people who can champion your work upon its release.

This workshop enables you to connect with writers on the same path while you work in a safe, encouraging environment.



Critique groups and writing workshops provide low-cost developmental editing and business planning, both of which cost enormous amounts of money.

Instead of expensive consultants, you’ll learn from peers and readers, who are often just as qualified. 

You also get connected with a group of writers who energize and support you for a long time to come.


  • Receive encouragement from a supportive environment of peers and professionals.
  • Learn new writing processes you haven’t heard elsewhere.
  • Gain clarity on your written work and your mission.
  • Receive guidance on story elements, journalistic standards, and other professional techniques.
  • Outline your book or create a publishing plan and schedule.
  • Get your goals across the finish line!
  • Meet other writers, critique partners, and beta readers.
  • Work with motivation and accountability.

Critique Sessions

Get feedback on your stories, essays, articles, blog posts, and book chapters.

Beta Readers

Find critique partners and beta readers. Relationships last beyond the workshop.


A group of like-minded writers who look forward to your next piece.

Schedule: June & JULY 2022

This workshop runs on Tuesdays for 8 weeks from June 7 through July 26, 2022. Sessions begin at 10:00 am PST / 1:00 pm EST and last about 90 minutes.

Live participation is encouraged, but not required. If you can’t make it to all meetings, you can watch the recorded instructional segments and exchange critiques through the shared Google documents. These processes will be clearly outlined for participants.

New to Google Docs? Not to worry, plenty of instruction will be provided. You will use it to share your work with peers and to comment on submitted chapters, stories, articles, blog posts, and outlines.

In this virtual workshop, authors worldwide gather to meet, read, critique, discuss, and motivate each other. Both new and experienced writers benefit from the program.

Get eyes on your writing. Creativity does not need to be a solo act.

We welcome prescriptive or creative nonfiction including business and economics, finance, psychology, politics, family and relationships, memoir, travel, history, computers, legal, language arts, philosophy, medical, crafts and hobbies, biography, health and fitness, self-help, and other nonfiction topics.


“They all feel like friends now!”

“I was excited to see people from all backgrounds, ages and from different countries. It didn’t take long to get to know each other because we workshopped each other’s stories. I was touched by the level of compassion, sincerity and participation that everyone brought to the table. They all feel like friends now!”

Tammy Perry

2020 Workshop


Bring your book chapters, blog posts, articles, essays, or any nonfiction work you’re producing. 


Whether you’re writing your first blog post or your tenth book, you will find value within this group. Everyone has a contribution to make, regardless of experience level.


If you’re a little nervous about sharing your work, don’t worry! This is a safe and respectful place to give and receive feedback.

“Incredibly valuable, and a writing tribe, too!”

“The rough outline of my story was transformed into a soon-to-be published “signature story” with the help of the group that has now become part of my writing tribe. Discussing craft in the context of our stories in the live Zoom sessions was incredibly valuable.”

Caroline Lunnon

2021 Workshop

meet your course instructor

Carla King Book Publishing Master Course and Certification

Carla King is an author, writing group and workshop leader, and a publishing expert. Carla is also the VP of Business Development for the Nonfiction Authors Association and hosts the NFAA podcast. She is a multi-book author of memoir and how-to books, all of which were created with the help of writing groups and communities. 

For over two decades, Carla has helped authors with blogging, journalism, and storytelling on social media platforms, and creating their own professionally published books. In March 2020, Carla organized a Virtual Writing Group and online course resulting in several authors finishing their books and many finishing articles and blog posts.

Carla balances her teaching work with her roles as editor, webmaster, journalist, memorist, and how-to book author. She guides groups to achieve respectful critique exchanges, productivity, connection, and community.

About the Nonfiction Authors Association

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The Nonfiction Authors Association is a vibrant community for experienced and aspiring writers to connect, exchange ideas, and learn how to write, publish, promote, and profit with nonfiction books.

NFAA helps writers reduce the overwhelm that comes with the publishing industry while learning to navigate the many options successfully. We aim to help you sell more books, reach more readers, and become more profitable.

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VIP membership is our “all-you-can eat” plan offering FREE Platinum admission to the annual Nonfiction Writers Conference, including all recordings and transcripts, and free access to premium content, including our popular Ultimate Author Toolkits.
Total added value: $1,475!


I just wanted to tell you how much I value all that you are doing with NFAA. It is one of the best investments in a membership I have ever made. I have been listening to your webinars and taking copious notes during them. One of my favorites was Revenue Stream for Authors. I am using it as a checklist for the many ways I can promote my book. It helps keep me focused. Being a first-time author was daunting enough. I didn’t realize how much time and effort it takes to promote a self-published book. NFAA has given me the tools for structuring that process. I would recommend NFAA to both the novice and seasoned author.

David Petrovay, PhD

Author of Life Between Jobs: Out of Work…Not Out of WORTH

is this workshop for you?

This workshop is for you if whether you’re writing nonfiction for business or profit, to convey a message, or to share a passion. 

If you want to share your writing to get feedback and find critique partners and beta readers, this is the place. 

If you could use continuing training on the craft of writing, we’ll do that, too. 

Trying to figure out exactly who your audience is? Run it by the group members.

If you’re wondering  how to repurpose your writing into other formats, experimenting with shorter pieces or longer pieces, this is the place. 

Need motivation and accountability? Yes, again. This is the place!

There are many reasons to group up with other authors. This is the place to find them!

What do you want to accomplish this summer?

Join us and let’s make it happen, together.

nonfiction critique group

MORE Feedback from AUTHORS

I have learned so much from Carla this past year in her Virtual Travel Writing Group spanning everything from utilizing effective narrative writing techniques to using Google Docs for reading and critiques to hosting writing courses online to excellent tips on self-publishing and optimizing SEO for websites. She’s a remarkable teacher, able to lead groups while also giving her students a voice and a chance for democratic input. Carla is truly a renaissance marvel. You will not regret working with her! There is truly never a shortage of things to learn from her.

Rachael Sarah Thurston


Carla has always been one of the most generous and supportive mentors in the writing community. Her presentations, workshops and guides have been my “go to” resources. I’m always blown away by how much useful, real world information she provides. I self-published two books based almost solely on her workshops and her incredibly helpful step-by-step Self-Publishing Boot Camp Guide. She’s given me the tools and confidence I needed to make my dream a reality.

Michelle Lamphere

Author, The Butterfly Route

Carla has a seasoned approach to writing and self-publishing, which has opened doors for me in my writing career. She has expertly guided me through my own writing, encouraging me to explore certain directions and sometimes helping me to identify, thematically and typologically, what it is that I’m writing. She is constructive, positive, and respectful and even in her critique; I’ve found her consistency is something that I can rely on.

Corrine Meadows

Journalist and Author

I had always heard authors talking about how important their editors were. Until I had Carla King as my editor, I didn’t know what they were talking about! She has made all the difference in editing my book, it is just amazing to me! I’ll never write another book without her, and I recommend her with my whole heart. She is smart, quick, and so easy to work with. I have found not only an editor, but a friend.

Tam Warner Minton


Carla’s guidance is worth its weight in gold. She cares about writers, gets into the details that save you time and money, and has the track record to back up what she’s saying. I highly recommend anything she puts out there.

Scott Andrew James

Author and Poet

After spending months,and thousands of dollars, there were still so many unknowns and I needed help. I reached out to Carla with for an initial consultation. She went well over the allotted amount of time and answered all my questions and guided me in a new direction. It’s not just her expertise in the industry, she is genuinely rooting for you and your success, and she reinvigorated me and boosted my confidence. I am been beyond thrilled! I would highly recommend Carla’s services regardless of what stage you may be in with the process. Her guidance has been invaluable.

Kathy Tong

Author, Not-Quite Supermodel

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