One of NFAA’s primary goals is to share helpful insight with authors. Author David Newman has been a guest on our teleseminar series and a speaker at the Nonfiction Writers Conference, and he organized an impressive launch for his latest book: Do It! Speaking.Do It! Speaking by David Newman

It began when David asked his author-friends and peers to participate in his launch by providing bonus items he could offer to book buyers on launch day.

David then sent the following email to his promotion partners after they agreed to participate. Note the distinct call to action, and make sure to click the link that follows his Partner Promo Kit message to view the various clear-cut ways he allows friends and contacts to help him get the word out about his book.

Subject: DIS Launch-palooza, Jan 7

Thank you, thank you, thank you in advance for your help with the Do It! Speaking book launch coming up January 7, 2020. 

To drive folks back to your bonus landing page, you should see your smiling face here: – if not, let me know and we’ll correct it ASAP.

The big day to email your tribe is Tuesday Jan. 7th as I shared with you earlier.

Here is the Partner Promo Kit with MANY choices for the email you’d like to send out on 1/7, plus social media posts and all new images you can use: 

Please hit reply to confirm receipt of this email so that I know it landed safely. 

Thank YOUUUUU for being a fabulous partner in awesomeness!!

All the best for a relaxing holiday season with loved ones and here’s to an amazing 2020 ahead!

— David

After the above email was sent out to David’s promotion partners, he sent this reminder email:

Subject: Pre-flight check-in for Tuesday’s big day

3…2…1… It’s almost “Do It! Speaking” book launch time. You got my quick pre-holiday reminder on 12/20 and I wanted to make sure you have everything you need for Tuesday’s collaborative email and social efforts: 

  1. Love and gratitude– thank YOU again for your help. 
  2. Swipe file for Tuesday’s email and social media posts/images:
  1. Shortcut URL to bookon amazon:
  1. Link to collect bonusesand opt in to YOUR
  1. More thanks for your partnership and awesomeness

Anything else you need from us or any questions we can answer about Tuesday? 

— David

Did you find some ideas from David’s example that you can use for your own book marketing efforts? You can show your support by helping to promote Do It! Speaking using one of the methods above! And congratulations on your book launch, David!