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Interview with Author Brian Jud of Book Marketing Works, LLC

Name: Brian Jud Business name: Book Marketing Works, LLC Book Title(s): You’re On the Air (video), Perpetual Promotion, It’s Show Time, Get Your Word’s Worth, Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan, Beyond the Bookstore, How to Make Real Money Selling Books (without worrying about returns) Website URL:  www.bookmarketingworks.com How did you come to do […]

How Amazon Cross-Promotes Books—and How this Fact Can Help You Sell Yours

Amazon has several features that help to cross-promote books and encourage buyers. You’ve probably even seen these in your own searches for books or products on the site. Here are some facts about how these features work to help you better promote and sell your book:  Frequently Bought Together – Once your book has some […]

Why Selling Books Is so Hard: Author Marketing Report, Part 2

This is a continuation from last week’s blog post on why it’s so hard to sell books and what you can do about it… Freebies – There is a growing trend of book give-aways happening online, particularly with Kindle ebooks, due to Amazon’s KDP Select program. Amazon requires participants to give Amazon exclusive rights to […]

Why Selling Books Is so Hard: Author Marketing Report, Part 1

It can be hard for me to watch when authors have a difficult time meeting their goals for marketing their books. We writers feel so passionate about our books and obviously want the world to buy them, so when reality doesn’t match our expectations, it can feel like we won’t ever be successful authors. The […]

Advice for New Authors – How I sold my first book

Guest post by Roger C. Parker I’m sharing this start-up story in hopes that—if you’ve ever had a book proposal turned down—you’ll persevere and find alternative ways to get your first book published. Roger Fed up trying to sell my first book to a trade publisher, I developed an attraction strategy that worked much better. […]

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