If writing is your job, a lifetime passion or a source of living a good writing setup will definitely help you perform better.Ellen Royce Distractions are all over the place even if you prefer working at home, sipping a flat white in different coffee houses or choosing a silent hotel room after deciding to go away for a while. Not taking into account your location, a stable or off-handed place to write is needed when writing is what you do.

A workplace that stops time

We are living extremely dynamic times where quick access to information, media content and social networks has become a part of our lives. But from a writer’s point of view, this facility is not that beneficial when you need to focus on your work. So no internet access is a good starting point for creating a writing setup. Do previous online research, take notes of things you need to consider and are important for your subject but when you write, you only write. Turn off your connection to social distraction, keep close your notes, silence your phone and dive into your subject, stop time for a while and let your imagination take control.

Ground basic rules

A comfortable dedicated place is productive and you need to take in consideration this basic aspect before getting to action. If is undertone music, a good relaxing cup of tea, fresh air, a comfortable chair, bright windows or maybe dark curtains, get it there. Create your personal space or a minimalist writing corner where you feel focused, relaxed and ready to make the best of your writing time. Plan your time accordingly, especially if you are a freelancer and do not let yourself easily distracted. Choose the best moment of the day when you feel fully energized and get started.

Stay focused on writing

There is a fine line between a nice comfortable writing setup and an obsession with creating a perfect one. The trick is to not lose sight of what is really important, writing. When you are having a moment of inspiration and do not want to waste it, nothing should stay in your way or between you and writing down your thoughts. So stay focused on elementary criteria when it comes to writing setups and do not transform it into a fiddling place. The whole idea is that having a special place to write, a corner that helps you put your thoughts together should make your life easier not more complicated. Keep things simple, distraction-free and both physically and mentally relaxing.

A mobile option

Having a pretty stable place of your own for writing is sometimes a luxury and a backup mobile option is a good thing to consider. You should be able to put your thoughts on paper even if it is a digital one, whenever you have an inspiration strike wherever you are. Nothing easier nowadays! You have multiple digital options, mobile devices, dedicated applications that give you endless opportunities. Even in this case, it is advisable to keep it simple, using basic writing applications that can be used offline and most important one that can be accessed on multiple devices.

The best thing that works for you is basically the best writing setup ever. If you are at the beginning of your writing experience or career, a comfy still corner just for you and your ideas is a good place to start. For the most experienced, is all about the moment and not that much about the place and writing becomes a natural wherever you happen to be active.

Author Bio:

Ellen Royce is a web writer from the UK and an internet enthusiast.  Having graduated the University of Essex for creative writing and traveled the world, Ellen developed a passion for technology and culture – how the two interact and change each other, how the society changes in the 21st century.