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My friends that have reached best-selling author status have summed up the journey of publishing like this –

Writing a book worth reading is difficult.

Publishing a book worth reading is exhausting.

Promoting a book worth reading is the stuff nightmares are made of.

But after you survive all of this, the results are game-changing!

As an author, you have the privilege of impacting change with thought-provoking ideas and stories that will take up mental real estate in the minds of readers for years to come.

Therefore, how you go about building relationships with new readers is worth strategic thought and planning.

Build your audience, build your tribe before you need them.

The best time to find raving fans and clients is when you have nothing to sell.

Nothing to pitch. Nothing that all your hopes, dreams and money is riding on.

Without the “have-to-make-a-sell” pressure driving you, it’s simply amazing how open people are to connecting you to resources and opportunities you never thought possible.

In this insightful interview with Stephanie, I provide you with an overflowing shopping cart of ideas to help you to build your tribe beyond anything you can imagine.

Be prepared to take some notes as I’ll share –

  1. The two key elements to building authentic relationships with complete strangers.
  2. How to find your ideal client online and offline.
  3. My 3 step success formula for building authentic relationships online.
  4. An innovative way to use video to promote your thought-leadership.
  5. My personal secret for maximizing networking events.
  6. The Top 2 mistakes authors must avoid.
  7. An exclusive offer to NFAA members only.

After listening to the show, connect with me on LinkedIn as I want to know what ideas you’ll be implementing in the next 30 days.

Consider this your accountability call to action and an opportunity to practice your relationship connecting skills!

Onwards, Sonia Dumas, Chief Growth Officer,

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