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Nonfiction Book Publishing Plan BookThe Nonfiction Book Publishing Plan is loaded with proven strategies, real-world examples, and fascinating interviews with successful authors who started from scratch just like you. In this content-rich book, you will learn how to:

  • Identify profit opportunities from and around your book
  • Set up a legitimate and professional author-publisher business
  • Write your manuscript faster than you thought possible
  • Avoid mistakes new authors make and get your book published the right way
  • Enlist beta readers, get endorsements from well-known authors, and generate book reviews
  • Launch your book into the world with as much buzz as possible

As nonfiction authors, publishers, and internet entrepreneurs with nearly three decades of combined industry experience, we have walked in your shoes and understand your unique goals and challenges. We also have the experience to show you how to produce your nonfiction book in the most professional way possible, while you turn your passion into a profitable business.

Whether you’re writing self-development, business, memoir, how-to, spiritual, narrative, or other nonfiction book, this authoritative guide by experienced industry professionals will provide you with the details you need to achieve your publishing goals.

About the Authors

Stephanie Chandler is the author of several books including The Nonfiction Book Marketing Plan. She is the founder and CEO of and, and a frequent speaker at writers’ conferences and events.

Karl W. Palachuk is the author of several books including Relax, Focus, Succeed. He is also a consultant to IT consultants and a frequent blogger at and

Why We Wrote the Book

We have been in a business mastermind group together for many years, and have been friends since 2004. Back then, Stephanie owned a bookstore and Karl owned an IT company and we were both diving into the world of publishing head first.

Because we are both publishers of nonfiction books exclusively, and having published our own work as well as books by others, we have a tremendous amount of experience and have learned many lessons along the way. Anyone can publish a book or two and write a guide on how to do the same, but we’ve each published dozens of books. We’ve made all the mistakes so that you can avoid them!

We crammed The Nonfiction Book Publishing Plan with tons of real-world examples, interviews by fellow authors, and included links to over 200 resources. The book ended up being longer than we expected, at just under 75,000 words. That’s a hefty tome!

Our goal is to help you navigate the overwhelming world of publishing and publish your book in the most professional way possible. There are also lots of ways to build revenue from and around your book, and we’ve outlined a plan to help you turn your dream into profits!

Check out the video podcast interview we did together.

Publisher’s Weekly Review 1/18/19:


Feedback from Beta Readers

Feedback from beta readers“Just finished this book. It took me much longer to read than usual because I kept stopping to implement the amazing suggestions the authors made. If you are planning to publish in the next 12 months, or if you have already published your book—as I have—get this book!!! It will save you time, money, and frustration!!! Thank you for sharing your in-depth and timely expertise!” – Susan J. Mecca, author of The Gift of Crisis: Finding your best self in the worst of times,

The Nonfiction Book Publishing Plan is the epitome of the one-stop book for anyone looking to self-publish. The details shared are fantastic. The authors have not left anything out. You will want to keep this title handy and reference often during your publishing journey.” – Dawn Whitmore, The ‘Old Barn’ Lady,

“Stephanie Chandler and Karl W. Palachuk have done a superb job in organizing and writing this wonderful book! There is so much valuable information on writing the manuscript, publishing, promoting, marketing, choosing the target readership, distribution, etc. My favorite part was learning about the Library of Congress. After 14 books published, I learned about Library of Congress Control Numbers, and that I should use them for my books! As if all the aforementioned information was not enough, expert opinions and pro tips from other authors are incorporated in almost in every chapter. I highly recommend this book! Congratulations to the authors for a superb job!” – Matina Psyhogeos, author of English Words Deriving from The Greek Language,

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Other Books by Stephanie Chandler

The Nonfiction Book Marketing Plan: Online and Offline Promotion Strategies to Build Your Audience and Sell More Books

Authority Publishing, June 2013

After finally getting a book published, many authors find that the hardest part wasn’t actually writing the book or getting it into print. The biggest challenge lies in marketing the book. Aside from the fact that it can be overwhelming, most authors have day jobs and not much time to figure out which book promotion strategies will work. The Nonfiction Book Marketing Plan is loaded with proven and effective tactics to make the marketing journey a bit easier and a lot more effective.

You will learn how to:

  • Develop your own unique book marketing plan
  • Establish authority in your field for your subject matter
  • Build an effective website and leverage the power of blogging
  • Reach your audience with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and YouTube
  • Attract media attention with DIY publicity strategies that generate big exposure
  • Boost sales on Amazon with insider tips to help you gain more visibility for your book
  • Participate in book awards programs, book signing events, and other offline strategies
  • Host ebook giveaways, write for websites, participate in Internet radio shows, and other powerful online marketing tactics
  • Break in to professional speaking—for free or for fee
  • Leverage your book to generate revenues from consulting, leading classes, developing information products, and much more

Each chapter concludes with an interview with a successful nonfiction author, providing even more real-world insight. Written for new and established authors of business, self-help, health and wellness, memoir, how-to, and other nonfiction books, The Nonfiction Book Marketing Plan will help you identify proven tactics that you can begin implementing immediately to reach your audience and sell more books.

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Own Your Niche: Hype-Free Internet Marketing Tactics to Establish Authority in Your Field and Promote Your Service-Based Business

Authority Publishing, January 2012

Own Your Niche: Hype-Free Internet Marketing Tactics to Establish Authority in Your Field and Promote Your Service-Based Business by Stephanie ChandlerManipulative sales tactics, long sales letters with big and bold headlines, and spammy emails aren’t the only way to get visibility and capture sales online. Own Your Niche brings authenticity back to internet marketing, teaching you how to showcase your business with practical, easy-to-use strategies that you can implement yourself.

You will learn how to:

  • Identify and connect with your target audience
  • Turn up the traffic generation on your website
  • Build an effective blog
  • Get results with social media—in less than an hour per day
  • Distribute content that demonstrates your authority in your field
  • Create email marketing campaigns that build loyalty
  • Handle your own PR and get media to come to you
  • Add online revenue streams to your business
  • Generate exposure with proven offline methods including professional speaking, direct mail campaigns, and publishing

Also included are interviews with successful service-based business owners who share how they have built their audiences and created successful enterprises. If internet marketing sounds intimidating to you, or you’ve gotten started but need more guidance, this book can remove the fear and give you the solutions you need to achieve your goals.

AWARD WINNER!Own Your Niche - Best Business Book of the Year

Own Your Niche was honored as the Best Business Book of the Year by the Global Ebook Awards, 2012!

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  • The Nonfiction Book Publishing Plan
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  • Own Your Niche

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