The Nonfiction Book Marketing Plan: Online and Offline Promotion Strategies to Build Your Audience and Sell More BooksI cannot imagine what my career would look like if I hadn’t authored books. Hands down my books have brought me more opportunities, credibility, and exposure than anything else I’ve ever done. If you want to be considered an authority in your field, then writing a book is your best ticket to get where you want to go. Following are some of the many ways a book can help you build your business.

  1. Impress Prospects — Meeting with a potential client? Bring along a copy of your book. Being an author elevates your credibility, demonstrates your authority in your field, and creates a competitive advantage.
  1. Attract New Business — Want to land a meeting with a hard-to-reach prospect? Send him or her a copy of your book along with a personal note. The results may surprise you.
  1. Raise Your Rates — Because your author status can equate to new clients, media coverage, speaking engagements, and a lot more, it can be easy to justify an increase in your rates.
  1. Generate Referrals — I know a family law attorney who sent copies of her parenting book out to marriage therapists all over town. Since therapists were often talking to her potential clients—people going through divorce—she took a chance that the book might make an impression. Her practice quickly became the largest of its kind in her city. Introduce your book to people who are influential in your industry. 
  1. Attract Media Coverage — Media professionals are in constant pursuit of experts for stories and as an author, you have tremendous value to offer. A book makes you a credible source for interviews. 
  1. Dazzle at Trade Shows — When you host a booth at trade shows, your booth won’t be ordinary once you showcase your book. Prospects and potential alliance partners will be eager to meet the author, especially if you are available to autograph books. Talk about a great way to stand out among the vendors!
  1. Develop New Profitable Programs — Whether you ask them to or not, readers will call, write, and send email inquiring about how to implement the strategies in your book. Consider developing coaching programs, training packages, workbooks, and information products that complement your book.
  1. Conduct Speaking Engagements — Authors are often invited to speak at trade association meetings, local chambers of commerce, nonprofit organizations, corporate functions, conferences, and events. A book makes you an obvious choice as a speaker. One of my clients, Donna Hartley, a professional speaker by trade, said that after her books were released (Fire Up Your Life and Fire Up Your Intuition), she was booking more speaking business as a result.
  1. Sell Large Quantities — Could a trade association purchase and give away copies of your book to new members? Could a corporation use your books for training materials? Would your book provide inspiration for a local nonprofit group? Could your local bank offer your book as a bonus for those opening new business accounts? Offer deep discounts on bulk orders and create a win-win situation.

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