Cold Calling for WomenYears ago Wendy Weiss came to one of my workshops in Santa Barbara.

She had just finished a manuscript on cold calling.

I asked her about the gender makeup of the audience she speaks to. She replied mostly women.

Then I asked whether she liked to consult with men or women.

She replied that she likes to empower women.

So I suggested the title Cold Calling for Women.

Her immediate reaction was: why limit my audience?

So I explained that women new to sales would all identify with and purchase her book while the men would focus on one of the many other cold calling books.

Besides 68% of the books are purchased by women.

Wendy took my advice and the title became a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Now almost all of her clients are female.

During that weekend we also came up with a subtitle for her book: Opening doors and closing sales. It has since become the title of her newsletter.

This is an example of when you narrow the focus of your book, you sell more books and the move becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy for future business.

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