✔ Develop your platform for book sales. Publishers give extra consideration to authors with a large platform (audience).

✔ Decide on a concept for your book—something unique that will stand out against competition.

✔ Define your target audience to ensure you have a market for the book.

✔ Evaluate the competition to ensure there is market demand and that your book has a unique hook.

✔ Write a query letter to send to agents and/or editors. A query is your initial point of contact.

✔ Write a complete proposal and at least two sample chapters to send to agents/editors upon request.

✔ Research and then contact agents until you find one who is excited about your project—or research smaller publishing houses and contact them directly. Most agents and publishers list submission guidelines on their websites.

✔ Negotiate a contract and sign a deal.

✔ Finish writing your book by the due date outlined in your contract.

✔ Proceed through the editing process which can take months to complete.

✔ Launch the new book and market the heck out of it.

You CAN do this!

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