Even if you’ve only used Amazon reviews as a customer up until this point, you know that they’re essential to the sale of a product. Amazon reviews for books are no different. But they must be authentic, honest reviews. Potential readers are savvy when it comes to fake-sounding feedback about a book they’re considering purchasing, and phony reviews can drive a reader away.

Here are two ideas to garner legitimate reviews of your book:

1)  If you’re still in the writing stage and haven’t published your book yet, include mentions throughout your book asking readers to review it on Amazon, Goodreads, etc.

2) Regardless of where you are in your writing/publishing process, contact Amazon reviewers who’ve reviewed your competitors’ books and ask if they’d like a review copy of your book. To contact potential reviewers, click on any reviewer to locate his or her Amazon profile. Many include email addresses because they want to be approached.