Using Social Media to Engage Your Audience

Use social media to engage your audienceWe asked nonfiction authors, what is your favorite social media outlet and how do you use it to engage your audience? Here is what a couple of authors had to say:

Leticia Mooney
Twitter is still my favourite social media channel, despite how it has changed over the past 10 years. I use it to engage and inspire my Patreon patrons, to talk about my works-in-progress, to connect with other authors, to gain access to the ‘hive mind’ to answer questions and find resources. I also use it to find subjects to interview for new works and projects.

Leticia Mooney is an author and serial entrepreneur; she wrote the first book on the mechanics of rock journalism.

Jodie Guerrero

My favourite social media outlet is Facebook. The reason being, because I can have two pages, one for my personal connections and and one for my ‘Author and Advocate Page’. I can use my personal connections to invite to my Author/Advocate Page and I can also post small Facebook advertisements to attract more followers. These small ads really don’t cost a lot of money and I can post them, as regularly and as often as I wish. Facebook also allows me to chat with fans/followers and friends on a regular basis through the connected chat function of ‘messenger’. On many occasions, patients struggling with chronic illness and/or cancer have contacted me via messenger to ask for assistance and/or advice.

Jodie is a triple cancer and transplant survivor with a remarkable survival story, having dodged death six times. Her website:

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