We are pleased to present you with the following list of virtual assistants who work with authors.

Virtual assistants typically work from their homes on a contract/freelance basis. You can hire a virtual assistant for a few hours per month or several hours per week, depending on your needs. A virtual author’s assistant can help you with social media, book marketing, administrative tasks, publicity, blog management, and much more. Virtual assistants are independent of the Nonfiction Authors Association and are not employees or contractors of NFAA. The following list is provided for your reference only. Always do your own due diligence when making any hiring decision.

List of Virtual Assistants for Authors

Book Marketing, Book Publicity, and Book Publishing Professional Certification Programs for Virtual Assistants

Participants who successfully complete our certification programs are featured at the top of this directory. In order to receive certification, participants attend an intensive 6-week course and must pass all weekly quizzes with a score of 80% or higher. The mission of both certification programs is to create consistency within the publishing community by training participants to follow ethical standards in book marketing and publishing. The Nonfiction Authors Association is proud to offer these programs and we appreciate all of the participants who have chosen to elevate their knowledge and experience by participating.

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Sharon T. Hinton, Certified Book Publishing Consultant
Sharon T. Hinton, Certified Book Publishing Consultant
Sharon@SharonTHinton.com | www.PepTalkProductionsllc.com | Memphis, TN
Dr. Sharon T. Hinton is an award-winning nonfiction writer and international speaker with over 20 years experience creating curriculum, journals for personal and professional growth, and other educational publications related to spiritual care for health professionals. Her company, Peptalk Productions LLC, provides book coaching, author mentoring, and writing groups to assist authors at various stages of their writing journey to move ideas into completed writing projects by providing direction, insight, and accountability based on goals and interests. Through e-mail, zoom, or telephone, individuals, groups, and organizations will benefit from customized services including feedback and guidance on outline creation, content logistics, and manuscript review. Schedule a free 15-minute telephone consultation by emailing Sharon@SharonTHinton.com

Sharon Hinton


Name: Marj Atkinson
Email: info@askmarj.com
Website: https://askmarj.com
Location: Garland, TX, USA
Description of services and work experience: I love the hunt! As a researcher and former reference librarian, I offer primary and secondary research services including literature search and fact-checking. I also have experience and connections in the meeting and event industry, so I am able to research speaking opportunities, as well. I have extensive experience in libraries, including K-12, academic, and non-profit sectors, as well as a stint at The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza.

Name: Jill Bishop
Email: jill@jillbishop.ca
Website: http://jillbishop.ca
Location: Slave Lake, Alberta, Canada
Description of services and work experience: Hi, I’m Jill. I’m a Canadian VA who enjoys supporting the publishing industry. I have experience as a copyeditor/proofreader, administrative assistant, receptionist, and teacher, and am eager to support authors, editors, and other creators in their careers. For the past year, I’ve partnered with an independent publishing studio, providing support with transcription, screenplay development, copyediting, and proofreading. I’m also experienced in voicemail management, inbox management, data entry, customer service, digital file organization, general research, copyediting/proofreading, workbook development, and transcription. I’m also completing training in social media and blog management, and am eager to learn more. Please get in touch with me today to discuss how I can help you on your publishing journey.

Name: Christine Buffaloe
Email: chris@serenityva.com
Website: www.serenityva.com
Location: Yuma, AZ, USA
Description of services and work experience: Serenity Services is dedicated to giving you more time and energy to work on the things that matter most to you.

Name: Sue Canfield
Email: Sue@ausoma.com
Website: https://ausoma.com/
Location: Phoenix, AZ, USA
Description of services and work experience: Sue is a book launch specialist with years of experience in social media book marketing, promotion and consultation for nonfiction authors. She offers customized packages for social media book launch campaigns as well as ongoing social media book marketing.

Name: Caitlin Du Bois
Email: cait@ofthewood.co
Website: https://ofthewood.co
Location: Downingtown, PA, USA
Description of services and work experience: Sell more, work less. Together we can create the life you dream of. I have been a full-time Virtual Assistant/Literary Consultant for over two years now! Before this venture, I worked in sales and marketing and so specialize in monetizing your writing business. My career has spanned from helping a professional basketball player turned author navigate self-publishing hit the USA Today Bestseller List, to working full time with a world renowned child psychologist with 7 traditionally published books by assisting in course creation, newsletters, and social media. No matter the client, my goal is to provide you with quality solutions that save time and allow you to sell more of what you love: your books.

Name: Bonnie Jo Davis
Email: bonnie@davisvirtualassistance.com
Website: http://www.davisvirtualassistance.com/
Location: Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, USA

Description of services and work experience: I’m a lifelong reader and author obsessed with books and helping other authors make their publishing dreams come true. I’ve built a career for myself in the literary world for the past two decades. I’ve worked with professional speakers, publishers, book agents, libraries, traditionally published authors, self-published authors, editors, book cover artists, social media mavens and more. Authors, who are talented but overwhelmed with the whole process of publishing, are my favorite people. I help them get organized, decide what resources to use and how to manage every detail including their logins and passwords. Once their book is published I can manage the post publishing process to keep their book selling.

Name: Karen Eisenbraun
Email: karen@encompasscreative.com
Website: https://www.encompasscreative.com/
Location: Kansas City, MO, USA
Description of services and work experience: I am a book lover with a degree in English. I have 15+ years experience in digital marketing, including website development, content marketing / blogging, SEO, conversion optimization, lead generation, lead nurturing, email marketing, and social media. I run my own bookstagram account and have experience querying and pitching agents. I love helping authors build their online presence and connect to readers!

Name: Diana Ennen
Email: diana@virtualwordpublishing.com
Website: https://virtualwordpublishing.com/
Location: Margate, FL USA
Description of services and work experience: As an author myself, (3 published, 3 self-published books) I know what it takes to succeed in book marketing and love helping authors achieve their goals.  In business since 1985 and specializing in marketing, book marketing, and author assistance for the past 20 plus years, I work closely with authors in so many ways.  Just a few include:  press release writing, media kit preparation, pitching the media (using Cision to get the best resources to pitch to) and writing very effective pitches often using excerpts from their book or blog for articles to be considered by the media to help them establish themselves as experts, booking radio and TV engagements and other speaking opportunities, getting book reviews, social media assistance, and so much more.  I also help authors in editing and ghostwriting and getting their book ready

Name: Susan J. Farese
Email: sjfcommunications@gmail.com
Website: https://sjfcommunications.com
Description of services and work experience: Susan J. Farese, (SJF Communications) provides personalized public relations, marketing, websites, social media, writing and coaching/mentoring services.

Name: Beverly Flanagan
Email: beverlyflanagan@comcast.net
Location: Greater Boston Area, Massachusetts, USA
Description of services and work experience: Editing, Writing, and Virtual Assistance. Recently retired from a career in health & human services, with a background in accessibility, aging & disability, caregiving, dementia, end-of-life, longevity, and spiritual eldering. I have experience in Evidence-Based Programs, Outreach & Community Marketing. I have been training in Copyediting & Proofreading through the Editorial Arts Academy & Knowadays. Virtual Assistance provided to be negotiated, primarily administrative tasks. I volunteer for my local community access tv (DCAT), write for a hyperlocal publication (STROLL Topsfield), and support my local library and parks department as a Friend.

Name: Amanda Gavigan
Email: onlinewithmandy@gmail.com
Website: www.amandagavigan.com
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Description of services and work experience: I am a bookworm and reviewer, turned beta reader with over 15 years experience in administration and management. I offer a variety of services including project management, promo team organization and engagement, content creation, and inbox and calendar management. I encourage my clients to rise up to who they are meant to be while engaging with their muse, while I handle the details.

Name: Dortha Hise
Email: virtual.dortha@gmail.com
Website: https://prettysmartvaservices.com/
Location: Folsom, CA, United States
Description of services and work experience: Specialties: I work with my clients to assess their needs and identify the best technical solution for their situation. This could include building a WordPress website and maintaining it for them; implementing a plan for social media content and supporting them by managing it; identify and implement the email marketing tool or CRM to best suit client’s needs for their growth (MailChimp, InfusionSoft, ConvertKit, Constant Contact, Aweber, Kajabi), copywriting, strategy, planning, and implementation.

Name: Jennifer Holstad
Email: jennifer@abyteintime.com
Website: https://abyteintime.com
Location: Gilbert, AZ, USA
Description of services and work experience: Since 1995, A Byte In Time has helped authors, speakers, coaches, consultants and small business owners take their thoughts out of their head and into a finished product that they can be proud of. We make sure that the “i’s” are dotted and the “t’s” are crossed. We take care of all of the administrative details so you don’t have to.

Name: Maria Hopwood
Email: hello@thespiralnotebook.co.uk
Website: www.thespiralnotebook.co.uk
Location: Downham Market, Norfolk, UK
Description of services and work experience: I support creatives with their admin overwhelm, freeing up their time so they can focus on creative projects.

Name: Sharon Jenkins
Email: sharon@mcwritingservices.com
Website: www.mcwritingservices.com
Location: Houston, TX, USA
Description of services and work experience: We provide authors with state-of-the-art book project management. Our clientele has enlisted our help on many book projects from content creation to self-publishing, marketing, and audio book production. We recognize that you are a unique individual with unique expectations for your book, so we stay away from the “cookie cutter” approach. If personalized and professional service is what you want, then look no further, we would love to help you with your book!

Name: Christianna Johnson
Email: hello@bychristianna.com
Website: https://bychristianna.com/
Location: Ocean Springs, Mississippi, USA
Description of services and work experience: Introverted authors — which is 90% at least — are Christianna’s preferred clientele. She is an introvert herself, indie author and freelance writer. Her goal to be a professional introvert has led to her learning a variety of skills to support indie authors in their administrative and marketing needs, including outreach opportunities, copywriting, and content strategy. During her time as a freelancer, she has worked with indie authors, indie publishers, service producers, coaches, and narrators.

Name: Karina Kantas, Author Assist
Email: kkantasauthorassist@gmail.com
Website: https://kkauthorassist.wordpress.com/
Location: Corfu/Greece from UK
Description of services and work experience: Author Assist doesn’t just do a service, they teach the author how to do it themselves. Confidently and competently, so they don’t have to hire someone again for the same service. I want to give back what I have leant in my 27 years in the business.

Name: Tina Koenig
Email: tina@tinakoenig.com
Website: http://www.tinakoenig.com
Location: Hollywood, FL, USA
Description of services and work experience: Tina Koenig is a literary publicist and author consultant. She works with new and established writers providing services as diverse as coaching, manuscript development, author platform and author business development, book proposal writing, book production and book marketing and public relations. Tina has worked with a variety of authors writing poetry, children’s books, adult fiction and nonfiction including New York Times best-selling authors. She assists with book submission to reviewers, provides guidance on finding and submitting Op-eds, books library, podcast and television appearances and assists in traditional media promotion through press releases and pitching to journalists. Tina is an expert at pre-launch planning and takes authors through the process of building a brand and promoting their books with the goal of making it a fun and stress-free experience.

Name: LaKenya Kopf
Email: info@kopfconsulting.org
Website: https://kopfconsulting.org
Location: Andover, MA, USA
Description of services and work experience: I have been a Tech Manager (similar to a Tech VA without the admin aspect) for over 15 years. I am Certified in Keap Max Classic (formally Infusionsoft) and MailChimp, have extensive experience in Ontraport and ActiveCampaign, as well as a few other popular CRMs and email marketing systems. I have also worked extensively in Clickfunnels, LeadPages, WordPress, and Teachable. I have also helped produce several podcasts and launched countless books via KDP and IngramSpark.

Name: Lindsey LaRue
Email: larue.lindsey@gmail.com
Location: Mulvane, KS, USA
Description of services and work experience: I have over 10 years of experience working as a transcriptionist of audio and video, as well as text-to-text, and most recently taking on various other administrative tasks such as putting together newsletters, getting webinar audio ready to be sent out, formatting documents, setting up events in calendars, etc.

Name: JudyAnn Lorenz
Email: judy@barjdcommunications.com
Website: https://cardinalbluff.com
Location: Crook, Colorado, USA
Description of services and work experience: Since 2003, Bar JD has offered administrative business support, including WordPress websites, blog post writing/editing, proofreading and online marketing support. At Cardinal Bluff Reviews, I read the books, write the reviews, produce creatives, and market online.

Name: Ruth Martin
Email: maplewoodva@myactv.net
Website: http://www.MaplewoodVA.com
Location: Hagerstown, MD, USA
Description of services and work experience: Since 2000, Maplewood Virtual Assistance, located in western Maryland, provides online business support, copywriting and editing services, marketing services, and project management services to small businesses in the US and Canada.

Name: Diana Maureen Ny
Email: nymaureen236@yahoo.com
Location: Newark, New Jersey United States
Description of services and work experience: I do social media management, creating and sharing posts, admin support, research, WordPress website management, blog management like editing, uploading and publishing blog posts, calendar management and podcast bookings.

Name: Tarra Nystrom
Email: YourAuthorAssistants@gmail.com
Website: TarraNystrom.com
Location: New York, NY, USA
Description of services and work experience: Your Author Assistants is an experienced, innovative Mother/Daughter team. We have practical experience working with authors. creating and editing content for nonfiction (multiple genres), articles, marketing, websites, scientific topics, and more. We offer copyediting, proofreading, and content editing services in addition to the mundane but important tasks administrative support that take your time away from writing and promoting your work. We create attention-keeping presentations too. The Mother part of the team has authored five self-published books that sell, and the Daughter is working on her first nonfiction manuscript!

Name: Tarra Nystrom
Email: YourAuthorAssistants@gmail.com
Website: TarraNystrom.com
Location: New York, NY, USA
Description of services and work experience: Your Author Assistants is an experienced, innovative Mother/Daughter team. We have practical experience working with authors. creating and editing content for nonfiction (multiple genres), articles, marketing, websites, scientific topics, and more. We offer copyediting, proofreading, and content editing services in addition to the mundane but important tasks administrative support that take your time away from writing and promoting your work. We create attention-keeping presentations too. The Mother part of the team has authored five self-published books that sell, and the Daughter is working on her first nonfiction manuscript!

Name:  Allison Saia
Email: asaia1218@comcast.net
Location: Hanover, PA USA
Description of services and work experience: Hello! My name is Allison Saia and I am an experienced Executive Assistant and publishing consultant. I have the unique combination of Virtual Administrative Assistant experience coupled with my background of being the Editorial Director of two publishing companies. I hold a BA in English/Writing from York College of Pennsylvania. I have also worked in corporate marketing and as a journalist, so the combination of experience I have makes me the perfect VA for authors. I, myself, am a published author and former Poet Laureate of Hanover, PA. I can provide authors with a wide range of services from scheduling, setting up accounts in Amazon and IngramSpark, and writing press releases. My passion is helping authors.

Name: Collette Schultz
Email: infovdos@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.savvysubcontracting.com/services/
Location: New Lisbon, WI, USA
Description of services and work experience: Web research can be time-consuming.  Providing a wide variety of services researching  your competitors, finding out where your audience “hang out” online and physically , exploring speaking engagements, seeking out partner opportunities, discovering the best tech tools and practices will leave you to do what you do best.   Assisting you with your client engagement tasks such as newsletter submission, calendar management, creating marketing materials, affiliate marketing and bookkeeping will also continue to allow you to grow your business.  These services are something I love to do. My passion can ignite your passion as well

Name: Poppy Solomon
Email: allwritepoppy@gmail.com
Website: www.allwritecontent.com
Location: Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia
Description of services and work experience: All Write specialises in publishing by helping authors, small publishers and indie booksellers publish books and communicate with their audiences. I’d love to help you get your books into the hands of your ideal readers! Visit my website or connect with me on LinkedIn for more information.

Name: Tara Tandlich
Email: tarawritesnyc@gmail.com
Website: taratandlich.com
Location: New York
Description of services and work experience: I work with all Genres. Award winning writer. Expert Editor. Expert researcher. Native English Speaker. College Graduate. Hardworking, creative, reliable, focused and flexible. I get along well with others and believe in treating people (and deadlines) with respect. I will also view your project as if it were my own: with the same level of engagement, focus and joy. Further, I maintain the author’s tone and voice and match the author’s style. For more information, please view my website: taratandlich.com. References on Request.

Name: Kate Tilton
Email: kate@katetilton.com
Website: https://katetilton.com/
Location: Atlanta, GA, USA
Description of services and work experience: I have worked in publishing since 2010 and have helped hundreds of authors over the years, from pre-publication writers to New York Times bestsellers. I work with self-published/indie authors, hybrid authors, and traditionally published authors. I turn scary and overwhelming things like marketing into tools we use to make your publishing dream a reality. I have a variety of options depending on your needs.

Name: Tama Trotti
Email: tamatrotti@gmail.com
Website: Portfolio (PDF)
Location: France
Description of services and work experience: As a virtual assistant, I help my clients with day-to-day administrative tasks like calendar management, social media, blog writing, and research. I have also been an educator for many years and have always shared a love of books and writing with my students. I also have experience in and am passionate about customer support as I know how important it is to treat your customers well. Responding to your customer’s queries and issues in a clear, effective, and timely manner will make them feel well looked after and keep them coming back. I’d love to be considered for the VA support you’re looking for. I am a new VA, however, I am not new to helping others get 10-15 hours back a week by taking over various administrative tasks. I am also eager to learn and work with you on any new tasks and software you may need for your business. I am a book lover and would love to support authors in making their publishing dreams come true. Please have a look at my portfolio for some of the tasks I can do for you.

Name: Ellen Ward
Email: ellen@ontime-assistants.com
Website: www.ontime-assistants.com
Location: Albuquerque, NM, USA
Description of services and work experience: Once you decided to write a book, did you realize everything that is involved in getting it published? It’s a maze out there! The publishing process has so many facets, twists, and turns to it and it’s hard to figure out what is the right way to go. OnTime Assistants would love to work with you by guiding you through the producing, publishing, and promoting processes of book writing so you can focus on developing your message without distraction. Let’s watch your dream come true! Certified Author’s Assistant, Certified Speaker’s Assistant, NonFiction Authors Assoc. Book Publishing Master Class, NonFiction Authors Assoc. Book Marketing Master Class.

Name: Susan Wichrowski
Email: smwvirtualservices@gmail.com
Website: smwvirtualservices.com
Location: Watertown, CT, USA
My passion for stories and books has lived in my heart since childhood. I began to get a taste for writing in school and turned that into blog writing, proofreading and editing as an adult. I have worked with authors and bloggers in various genres but I primarily focus on working with authors who are writing romance, suspense or historical novels. I have also done character continuity analysis for authors who are writing a series of books.

Name: Trinna Williams
Email: trinna@virtuallyassistu.org
Website: https://virtuallyassistu.org/
Location: Henderson, NV, USA
I love what I do! I’ve always had a passion for business management. After working in traditional offices as a C-Level Executive Assistant for over 20 years, I saw a need for virtual administrative services to small business owners. I realized how outsourcing administrative tasks to a Virtual Assistant can save money and time. Also, delegating administrative tasks allows my clients to focus on what they do best!

Additional Resources for Hiring Virtual Assistants for Authors

  • Upwork – Formerly known as Elance, Upwork is a community of freelancers from around the globe who offer a wide variety of services. You can find administrative support here, graphic designers, website designers, editors and many other kinds of freelance talent.
  • The Virtual Savvy and VA Networking are professional groups where you can submit a request for proposal (RFP) and their members will send you back proposals for work with pricing.
  • Virtual Assistant Jobs – Offers a directory of international assistants.


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