Virtual Book TourA virtual book tour is a promotion where you set a specified time, usually two to four weeks, and you put yourself on “tour.” The idea is to get other blogs to feature you each day during your tour stops. Blog hosts might feature a guest blog post by you, a review of your book, or a written interview. In exchange, you should share a link back to the host blog on your own site and across your social media networks.

To create a virtual book tour, start by finding appropriate blog sites and then reach out and ask if they would be interested in featuring you during your tour. Most bloggers are familiar with this concept and many will oblige because the benefits are mutual. It’s also a good idea to offer the blog host a complimentary copy of your book. This shows goodwill, plus it may hook the blogger and inspire them to write more about your book at a later date.

You can also spend some time with Google searches to located blogs that have featured virtual book tour stops. It will take some work to compile a list of contacts and reach out to them. This is a great task to assign to a virtual assistant.

As a side note, virtual book tours are another area where I personally don’t follow the rules. Rather than putting myself on tour for a few weeks, I believe that I am always on tour. I don’t set a specific time frame for these events, and instead focus on finding opportunities year-round. Do what feels right for you!

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