Webinar 2024-03-07 Laurence O'BryanIn this webinar, you’ll learn how to leverage Amazon ads so you can sell more books. Whether you’re traditionally published or self-published, Amazon ads can accelerate your book sales–especially for nonfiction! Find out how changes at Amazon (in categories, for example) impact ads and what you can do to ensure your ads convert to sales.


Laurence O’Bryan has been in marketing for over thirty years and writing for more than twenty. He has published multiple times. Laurence is the founder of BooksGoSocial, an advertising agency for authors. He and his team have managed over 25,000 Amazon ads for authors. He has previously spoken at the Writers Digest Conference, the London Book Fair, the Nonfiction Writers Conference, and many other writers’ events. Laurence and his team test new Amazon ad tactics constantly to see what works best for all the different books they work with. He will be sharing the latest high-performing tactics for Amazon ads in 2024 in this talk.

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