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Thank you for joining the Nonfiction Authors Association as a VIP member! If you haven’t yet taken some time to review your benefits, following are some links to help you get started:

Member Home Page – This is where you’ll find all the archived content, discounts and more. View member home page here.

Upcoming Events – This is a listing of our upcoming teleseminars. Don’t worry if you miss a live event — Authority members get access to all teleseminar recordings!

Community Forums – We have active discussion forums on Facebook AND LinkedIn and would love for you to join your fellow members.
Request to join the Facebook group here.

Request to join the Linked group here.

We approve requests several times per week.

Member Profile – Please take a few moments to create your public member profile.

Local Chapter Meetings – We continue to launch new chapters in cities across the U.S. and Canada. Find a list of local chapters here. VIP members get complimentary admission to any chapter meeting, though be sure to print your proof of membership here.

Special VIP-Only Benefits:

Author Toolkits – Access hundreds of templates, checklists, worksheets and more with complimentary access to our exclusive Author Toolkits.

Ultimate Author Marketing Course – You can access all twelve modules from our popular self-study program: UAM Course.

Nonfiction Writers Conference – Since 2010, the Nonfiction Writers Conference is conducted online each year in May, featuring 15 speakers over three days. VIP members are automatically enrolled in the conference and receive dial-in information, recordings and transcripts! Learn more about the Nonfiction Writers Conference.

NFWC Greatest Hits – As a VIP member, you also receive access to the Nonfiction Writers Conference Greatest Hits, recordings from some of our favorite past events. Get Welcome to NFAA – You’re a VIP! Get details here.

Additional Resources:

Here are a few links you may want to bookmark, too!

Recommended Resources – Looking for a ghostwriter, book designer or other publishing industry resources?  Check out our list of resources here.

NFAA Blog – We feature lots of content and interviews on our blog.

How to Participate in Monthly Teleseminars:

We host our teleseminars each Wednesday at 10am PST / 1pm EST. You can participate via phone or Skype. As a VIP member, you also have access to past event recordings.

Phone Instructions:

Primary dial in number: (206) 402-0100, Secondary dial in number: (408) 831-9000.
Alternatively, you can locate and use a local access number here:
Guest pin code: 799244#

Skype Instructions:

  1. Launch Skype on your computer, and then select the “Call Phones” dial pad.
  2. Type in the Skype ID “join.conference” and then click “Call.”
  3. Once connected, click on the “Call” menu at the top and select “Show Dial Pad.”
  4. Type in guest ID 799244# to participate.

*Please note we do NOT have technical support available for Skype, which is not always a reliable service. If you’re unable to connect with Skype, please dial in via a land line phone.

We Are Here to Support YOU!

Our mission at NFAA is to help our members achieve your goals. If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with someone from the NFAA team.

Sue Canfield is our Special Projects Director. She handles customer service inquiries, website content, social media and whole lot more!
Sue can be reached here.

Renee Settle is our National Chapters Coordinator. She interviews, trains and oversees our local chapter leaders.
Renee can be reached here.

Stephanie Chandler is the founder and CEO of the Nonfiction Authors Association. Stephanie handles content development, marketing, member benefits, events and programs.
Stephanie can be reached here.

Have we sufficiently overwhelmed you?! Please take your time getting acquainted with all the programs we have available for you and let us know if we can help in any way!

Many thanks,

CEO – Nonfiction Authors Association & Nonfiction Writers Conference