This month we asked nonfiction authors to answer this question: What are some of your favorite strategies for marketing your book? Here’s what they had to say: Favorite strategies for marketing your book

Steve de Mamiel

Some of my favourite strategies to market my book are to speak at industry events. The book is often what attracts the attention of the event organiser, so I always send them a copy. Then if you mentioned the book at the start and end of the presentation, it’s an excellent way to promote the book and let the audience know that key ideas that were touched on in your presentation are covered in more detail in the book so they can go off and explore an idea further. Podcasts are another great way to get the attention of a specific audience globally. I have seen a direct connection in book sales and podcast appearances. It’s well worth spending the time to reach out to podcast publishers.

Steve de Mamiel, Author – The Mongrel Method, Sales and Marketing for the new Breed of Buyer.

Derrick Rehn

When marketing a non-fiction book one of the best methods is using Google & Facebook Ads. This will raise awareness for your book and gives you hard data to see how many people are interested in purchasing your book. Consistently advertising across search engines and social media platforms are crucial elements of successfully selling a book. These advertisements should link to Amazon listing to encourage click-throughs. The Amazon brand inspires more trust with consumers, making this the logical place to sell a book.

Derrick Rehn, SEO Specialist for Integritive, Inc. Website:

Linda Smith

To market the launch of my book, I really began in my local community, Las Vegas. I started by hiring a small local marketing team to handle PR, social media and online marketing, and then hosted a book launch party with family, friends, local media and community leaders. Since then, I have attended book festivals and fairs, and spoken at various special events and networking groups. Visiting libraries and conducting readings is also a way I was able to gain exposure, and my PR team helped me get interviews with local television shows and featured in print and online media publications. Pitching book reviews are a great strategy to utilize because others can see if readers enjoyed the book and read their recommendations.

Author, speaker and fundraising consultant Linda Smith specializes in development for capital campaigns and major gifts, non-profit boards, signature events and overall fundraising leadership and management.

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