We recently reached out to authors to find out their best tips for marketing their books on Amazon. Here’s what they had to say:Amazon marketing tips

Mande White-Pearl

When marketing your books on Amazon we have found success with out clients in organizing a ‘launch event’. This allows for a set time/date for everyone to go and ‘buy’ the book on the same day as well as provide a list building event for the author. There are many ways to put together a book launch but it usually includes having at least a dozen people commit to offering free gifts to those who purchase the book on the specific day/time and having all that information gathered together on a mini launch site. Monetization of this launch happens from creating upsell offers that include more intimacy or access to the author. We’ve also seen clients sell out exotic location retreats from their successful book launch. You can purchase our “Bestseller Launch Planner” in the Expand Your Impact shop at http://expandyourimpact.com/shop

Jade Pearlhouse

My best tips for marketing my books on Amazon:

1) Leverage an existing popular key word that readers are already searching for (e.g. my books are IELTS exam preparation books, so I have automatic traffic – readers are already searching for “IELTS” on Amazon).

2) Use a popular book’s key words as your tags on Amazon (but you can’t use another author’s name or the title of another book as your tag). For instance, I use “Cambridge IELTS” as my tag because I know IELTS books published by Cambridge University are the best-sellers.

Jade Pearlhouse, Professional Ghostwriter and Content Marketer, www.jadepearlhouse.com

Fab Giovanetti

Do not underestimate the power of a free Kindle version! I like to put my book free on Kindle at different times, making sure that I direct loads of traffic to a free book people will be more likely to get – this improves my Amazon ranking and makes sure more people are going to see and review my book!

Fab Giovanetti – Fab is a business mentor, published author, influencer-specialist, best known as the founder of the Health Bloggers Community. Serial start-up founder and professional troublemaker, she is obsessed with avocados and helping people making an impact in health and wellness. https://amzn.to/2GDSHfc

Kirsten Rees

My top tips would be:

* Start early! Many new authors think the marketing begins after the book has published when you should have a marketing strategy in place long before and be promoting it months prior to publication.

* Treat it like a business or at least a product/service that your business is selling. It needs the same levels of time, marketing, investments, etc. that any other new product would require in order to be a success.

* Build your team – y ou’re going to need talented people with skills for your book cover, formatting, editing. It’s also great to create a team for your marketing too, this could be other people in your industry who are willing to share your book with their mailing list and social media or friends and family who can help ramp up the energy and keep momentum going after your book launch.

* Understand that journalists (for the most part) do not care that you have written a book. Write a list of hot topics that you can commentate on and seek out journalists discussing anything relevant to your book subject or even in your life that you might be able to talk about and they may mention your book too.

I am a professional book editor, author coach, and published author. My recent client just hit bestseller status, and I have a background in business and marketing with nearly a decade of experience in copywriting. I’ve researched this topic for two years which culminated in the creation of a book for authors packed with tips of marketing and handy checklists. It’s about to be updated with even more great advice and republished soon. Kirsten Rees, http://www.makemeasuccess.co.uk

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