This month we asked nonfiction authors to answer this question: What difference do you hope to make in the world with your books? Here’s what they had to say:What difference do you hope to make in the world with your books?

Jacob Aldridge

Whether we believe that “50% of all new business fail in the first 3 years” or “90% fail in 5 years”, the reality is that starting and succeeding in business is an emotional roller-coaster and a glorious challenge. Business can be a force for good, in a community, for your staff, and for you and your family. ‘The Start-up Business Guide’ wants to see fewer failed businesses, and more realized dreams.

Jacob is an international business advisor, keynote speaker, and author who has helped more than 1,000 business owners turn ambition into reality.

Annette Welsford

Co-author and publisher of international best seller How to Grow Juicy Tasty Tomatoes and Our Family Tomato Cookbook.

We are thrilled that we have helped people from Australia to Zimbabwe learn how to grow healthy tasty tomatoes to nourish their families and save money. From the feedback we’ve received, for many first timers we’ve opened their eyes to the sheer joy of growing your own food. For the more accomplished gardeners, many have used the expert knowledge we’ve provided to earn a living from selling their harvests. The hundreds of emails and reviews we’ve received are testimony to the difference we’ve made to people in 87 countries, all united by a love of tomatoes. It’s humbling.

Rachel Favilla

I hope that my cheeky humour and creative way of communicating gets people excited about looking after themselves. Health is our greatest currency and the relationship we have with our body is something we carry with us for life. If Scott Pape can make financial literacy exhilarating and get the country taking better care of their money, it is my hope that I can follow suit in a nutritional sense and get the country prioritising their glorious earthly vehicles (and having a cracker of a time doing so). My bio says it all; marrying health with humour and science with soul is my jam.

Rachel is a whimsical BHSc nutritionist, yoga teacher and author who marries health with humour and science with soul. Find her at

Anita Bentata

Growing up, our parents and other significant adults didn’t teach or model the most important skills and knowledge for us to live from our power and freedom and take charge of our whole brain, body, involuntary impulses, habits and choices in two of the most important, impactful areas of our life: love and stress/trauma. My deepest desire is for my ideas and words to reach millions of women globally, so women benefit from my past, and what I learnt in helping my children heal; so my books become manuals and guides to prevent toxic relationships, maximise self love in action and how to heal fast.

Author Anita Bentata uses her 25 years of experience as a Psychotherapist along with her lived experience to create short online and face to face individual and group programs, to transform lives, optimising the brain’s plasticity through mind body psychotherapy, neuroscience and quantum physics.,

Jeremy Britton

I hope to encourage a new generation of people to educate themselves, empower themselves and start safely investing for greater wealth. My first investment book was published in 2005/2006 and the advice is still relevant today. The book received a Money magazine award in 2006 and a follow-up article will be published in March 2020 on the book’s concept “Invest Where You Spend”.

Jeremy Britton has been changing lives and fortunes since 1992, as a financial planner and business coach. His “Flick Your Rich Switch Technology” (TM) has been used in dozens of countries by thousands of people to improve their financial and emotional wealth.

Donna-Leigh Perfect

Potentially save a life…my published children’s books “Puppy Rescue and Tiger” in the series “The Adventures Of Jessie and Rocky Rockstar” has The Dream Guards free app in the back.

With 13 life-saving support services incl Lifeline, Kids Helpline, Domestic Violence 1800, At the Arc etc etc.

These stories are about the adorable bond between our rescue dog Rocky Rockstar and our daughter Jessie and the life lessons he teaches Jessie about kindness and compassion.

Max Phelps

Too many people on good incomes, still worry about money. Either because they feel they don’t have things under control, or that if they lose their job, they have no reserves, or because they don’t know how they will maintain their lifestyle when they retire. I’m from a big family, with a number of family members struggling with mental health issues, including two that have made attempts on their own lives. I can’t fix all our issues, but if my book can alleviate one of the major stresses in our lives, then I’ve done my best to help.

Max Phelps is a money coach with Golden Eggs, on a mission to help people on a career path stop worrying about money and live their best life.

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