Over the years I’ve noticed a trend with new authors. Some get a little anxious when the publishing process is nearing completion.What Happens When You Release Your First Book: The Unexpected Vulnerability New Authors Face Emotions run high and there’s a level of anxiety that follows over the anticipation of finally seeing your work in print.

This is totally normal and expected because when you publish a book, it can be a vulnerable experience. You are opening yourself up to criticism, sometimes sharing personal stories or experiences, and shining a giant spotlight on yourself as an author. It can feel a bit like walking naked into a room full of strangers!

The fact is that most authors feel some amount of anxiety or vulnerability when their book is published—whether it’s their first book or twentieth. It can be nerve-wracking at first, but soon it subsides and realize that the vast majority of readers will embrace your work and cheer you on. Then you get to bask in the pride of bringing your book to completion and allow it to impact readers in a positive way. And you’ll realize those readers weren’t so scary after all.

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