This month we asked nonfiction authors to answer this question: What Revenue Streams have You Created for Your Author Business? Here’s what they had to say: What revenue streams have you created for your author business?

Daniel Tolson

Over the past 5 years, I have written 15 books on the topics of business and personal success. Each book creates about $20,000 to $30,000 of new and repeat business. My books give my audience a taste and sample of my work. When they like it and apply it, they then inquire and buy one of my coaching or consulting programs.

Stephen Molloy, Author of How Apps are Changing the World.

Running a successful creative agency for over 15 years has taught me to adopt an agile methodology to the customers needs. Testing new online platforms and engaging with interesting content has widened my audience beyond an industry into an ecosystem. Gaining opportunities via speaking engagements, podcasts, selling online via many online channels, selling in bookshops, partnerships and sponsorships.
Stephen Molloy

My revenue includes
– speaking engagements
– podcasts
– selling online via many online channels
– selling in bookshops
– partnerships
– sponsorships etc

Pam Brossman

I just launched my 14th book today and I have multiple income streams for my books including:

Selling on Amazon
Selling the pdf version from my website with an upsell on the thank you page
Free gifts for those who purchase my books including tools I use as resources on the topic which are affiliate links that bring in other income streams
I turn my book into an evergreen course and sell that course from my website

So, every book I write usually has multiple income streams attached to the book launch. My current book sales are being donated to those impacted by the Australian Fires.Jon Michail Life Branding

13 Times #1 Amazon Best Selling Author | Speaker | Coach to Women Entrepreneurs

Jon Michail

My book “Life Branding” published in 2000 has been re-purposed into creating the following revenue streams:

1. Seminar Programs
2. Speaking Engagements
3. Webinar Series
4. Podcasts
5. One-on-One Group Coaching

Plus many others.


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