This month we asked nonfiction authors to answer this question: What strategies have you used to generate book reviews?What strategies have you used to generate book reviews?

Kirsty Ferguson

I’ve used Instagram book lover influencers from all over the world, Goodreads and my extensive database to gather book reviews. I also gave away copies at events I spoke at on the proviso that they provide a review. Kirsty Anne Ferguson “The Albino Chameleon – The Things That Make You ‘You’ Can Become Your Super Power’. Interview coach to pilots for over 40 airlines globally, fire fighters, CEO’s and the odd-Ex Olympian… my business motto is to use business to do good in the world by helping anyone I can to pursue a purpose. Recent pivot from aviation niche to education to ensure our next generation has the real world skills to succeed.

Jeremy Britton

My first book was rejected by major publishing houses as I was the first finance & investment author to “name names” of specific companies, their products and brands. Publishers considered me “too risky”. Even though what I was doing was completely legal, nobody had ever done it. I ended up self-publishing and printed thousands of books which sat in my garage and would not be stocked in bookshops. Armed with a backpack which held half a dozen books, I visited every chain bookstore within a three-hour drive of my house. When the staff were not looking, I would add six copies of my book to their shelves and leave. I then did some PR interviews and advised that my book was stocked at “all bookstores”, and if people could not find it, I would send them a book for free, but they had to review it. many people called many bookstores. Soon enough, I had dozens of reviews and the bookstores were calling me to purchase more stock

Jeremy Britton, financial adviser since 1992, Money Magazine award-winning best-selling author, CFO of the world’s first crypto-ETF, BostonCoin.

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