This month we asked nonfiction authors to answer this question: What topics do you speak about?

Wendy Brentnall-Wood

My Business is Music Education, my recently published book is “Music Teaching Made Profitable – An expert’s guide to Generating More Income as a Music Teacher” as detailed here: Music Teaching Made Profitable.

I speak at Conferences and Associations for Music Teachers about “The Business Side” of being a Music teacher because it’s commonly not something Music teachers learn about until they become a business owner.

I also speak to Music Teachers about “Making ,More Impact Sharing Music” . Specifically making music lessons more relevant to student’s lives but giving them resources and opportunities to use music in their everyday life, amongst their friends, family and community. By sharing their music, students will not only reap the rewards that making music can bring to them, but also to the social network of their community.

Louise Ledbrook

I speak about how to create a thriving business that has a life without the business owner at the centre of it every day. A business that can live long and be anything it wants to be, ready to respond to anything that comes its way.

Louise Ledbrook is Founder and CEO of ProSMART®, Innovator of the ProSMARTTools® Platform and advocate for Female Leadership in all industries.

Katrina Zaslavsky

As a non-fiction author, I speak about fear, pain, mind-body preparation and empowerment in pregnancy and childbirth.

Katrina Zaslavsky is the founder of Birth Goddess, an inspired international author, coach and voice for women, supporting expecting mothers worldwide in their mind-body preparations and mindset towards their birth.

Kim Rix

As an internationally published author of the Gemstone Detective travel guide series, I can speak about living life with passion, purpose and pleasure! I will tell my story about the birth of Gemstone Detective; travelling solo around the world for research and publishing six books in under a year.

Kim Rix – Gemmologist, Photographer, Intrepid Explorer and Author of Gemstone Detective

Linda Smith

As a speaker, I share my expertise and inspiring experiences related to a number of industries and groups, including Women’s Leadership, Non-Profit, Charity, Philanthropy, Development, Advocacy, Activism, Lobbying, Business/Entrepreneurial, Universities, Human Resources, Human Rights, Immigration, Naturalization, Intellectual Disability and Equal Employment Opportunity.

Author, speaker and fundraising consultant Linda Smith specializes in development for capital campaigns and major gifts, non-profit boards, signature events and overall fundraising leadership and management.

Judith Lissing

I’m a scientist with 35 years personal experience in meditation. I teach in the Faculty of Medicine at UNSW and have a Positive Psychotherapy strengths-based practice. I also teach mindfulness meditation and stress management practice.

I talk about

* Emotional resilience and the role of meditation and mindfulness
* The science of mindfulness – what happens to our brains and our physiology when we meditate (including how our thoughts change the structure and function of the brain)
* My personal journey with meditation in the course of having had several life threatening events and living with chronic pain

My website is

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