I remember back in 2005 when my first manuscript was in progress.author-card-shrink I attended a writer’s conference and felt like I was able to immerse myself in the craft of writing and promoting books. I left that event with the thought that I could officially start calling myself a writer.

Once my first book was released later that year, it took awhile before I began introducing myself as an author. It seemed like such a bold statement, and I still wasn’t sure I was qualified. However, it seemed easier to print the title up on a business card, and that’s exactly where I started.

Today, when I meet someone new at a social event, I rarely introduce myself as an entrepreneur, publisher, or CEO. When someone asks what I do, I love to introduce myself as an author. Not only does it feel incredibly powerful to be living that life-long dream, it is also a wonderful conversation starter. People almost always want to know more about what books I’ve written. Often, they will admit to having wanted to write a book themselves.

When can you start calling yourself an author? If you’ve written a book, or if you have one in progress, why not start now? Embrace your title and your accomplishment. People with special accreditations take ownership of their titles, and authors should too.

A very small percentage of people will ever follow through with writing and publishing a book. You are part of an elite group and should be proud of that accomplishment. Shout it from the rooftops!

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