We recently reached out to authors to find out their favorite authors. Here’s what they had to say:Who are your favorite nonfiction authors

Adam Ashton

Of the 200+ non-fiction books I’ve read in the past three years, there are a renew obvious standouts. Seth Godin is my all-time favourite, with books like The Dip and Linchpin sharing one key message in a short, engaging book that is just as long as it needs to be and no longer. He teaches us about quitting, about doing important work, and about being a leader, but doesn’t;t fill his book with fluff and anecdotes to pad it out and make it look longer than it is. To contract Seth Godin and his 80-page books, I also love Robert Greene and his 500 page books. The 48 Laws of Power and his new book The Laws of Human Nature pull together stories from thousands of years of history and synthesis them into important lessons about why we do what we do, how was can shift our own behaviours, and how to better understand the actions of those around us.

Adam Ashton – Adam Ashton hosts a weekly non-fiction book podcast, called ‘What You Will Learn’, reading and revising the best bits from the best books. https://whatyouwilllearn.com

Eva Lane

My favourite nonfiction author is Dr Claire Weekes, who wrote ‘Hope and Help for your Nerves’. Dr Weekes was a pioneer of her time, and her book (originally published in 1962) broke new ground in the diagnosis of treatment of anxiety disorder – and it completely changed my life.

Eva Lane – Reiki practitioner for women with anxiety (and author of ‘Social Butterfly’) https://www.anxiousrelief.com

Ruth Wilson

I’m the administrator of a private high school and recommend Molli Osburn’s book, “Beyond Math Anxiety: 99 Insights and a Calculation’s Not One!”, available at Amazon. So many students are intimidated by math and Molli addresses the origin of these negative thought patterns as well as strategies to overcome them. It’s empowering information for students, parents, and educators alike. I understand her second book will be published soon,

Ruth A. Wilson, MA, is a board certified educational therapist, certified principal, and founder of The Polytech, a private high school that connects career pathway instruction to a high school diploma. Website: https://www.thepolytech.com/

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