Write Your Book at Sea Event with Ghostwriter Melinda Copp

Write Your Book at Sea Event with Ghostwriter Melinda Copp

This is not a Nonfiction Authors Association event, but we think it looks like a great time and we’re fans of host Melinda Copp. Check it out:

Do you know you have a good story to tell, but you’re not sure how to write it in a compelling and engaging way?

Have you always wanted to write a book about your life or experiences, but don’t know where to start?

Do you have lots of material (blog posts, journals, or ideas), but no idea how to put everything together into a cohesive, compelling book-length manuscript?

Writing a book is a worthwhile goal. It allows you to help others, share you story, make art from your experiences. And authoring a book can attract opportunities for speaking and earning income.

The problem many aspiring authors face is that even when you know you have a good story and the drive to make it happen, you may not know how to structure a book. That’s okay because chances are you’re a first-time author. Or you’ve already written a book, but you want the next one to be even better. Although many people want to write a book, most don’t know how to do it well.

If you’re jumping up and down inside, thinking, “YES, that’s why I’m struggling with my book!” then I want to invite you to join me—in the Bahamas!—for an awesome working vacation.

“The Write Your Book Workshop & Cruise”

Next March, aboard the Carnival Elation cruise ship, I’ll be teaching a handful of aspiring authors everything I know about how to write a book. We’ll cover how to:

**Create a solid foundation and strong concept for your book, so you can write it with confidence and clarity.

**Arrange all your ideas in the most powerful way, so you don’t have to worry about what goes where and whether or not something fits, and your readers will stay hooked.

**Make a step-by-step plan for getting your book written as quickly and easily as possible, so you don’t have to struggle anymore.

**And improve YOUR writing and make YOUR book compelling and successful, so when you arrive home after the trip, you can write and revise your book with confidence.

My goal for this program is to change your writing life. Just imagine…getting away from your everyday distractions for an amazing cruise and vacation experience, working one-on-one and in small groups with an experienced teacher, and coming home knowing how to write your book with confidence and clarity.

To find out all the details and register now, click here:

The Writer’s Cruise and Writing Workshop

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