Nonfiction Book Award Status: SILVER
Nonfiction Book Award - Silver Winner - 150


The bright lights of Manhattan, burning crosses in Mississippi, and former flames from Texas sparked a series of stories and essays featured here in Funny Face. With wit and wisdom, author Peggi Davis’ musings recount the hilarious and harrowing events that occurred as she gingerly grew up, and her fractured family moved from town to town.

Half hippie, half haute couture, she entered the wacky world of retail advertising at the young age of nineteen. There, her outrageous experiences and escapades with a collection of colorful, creative colleagues provide a humorous personal narrative. And her ability to rise above the secrets hidden from her as a child offers insight into the sadder parts of her life.

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Author Bio

Peggi Davis was raised in New York City; earned a communication arts degree from Texas A & M University, Commerce; joined the retail advertising world as a fashion art and creative director. She was nationally recognized for creating innovative ad campaigns. Davis also served as chief communications officer for the Alabama School of Fine Arts. After retirement, she opened the Schoolhouse Art Studio. Davis and her husband live in Birmingham, Alabama.


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