Nonfiction Authors Association Free Webinar | February 6, 2024

Create Your Unstoppable 2024 Book Publishing Plan
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Unlock the potential of your publishing journey in 2024 with Your Unstoppable 2024 Publishing Plan.

Your Unstoppable 2024 Publishing Plan

Designed to inspire and empower authors, this session focuses on creating a dynamic, momentum-building publishing plan. You’ll learn how to:

– Craft a strategic time-line that propels your project forward month by month, turning your aspirations into tangible progress.

– Set achievable milestones, ensuring that each step you take builds towards your book launch.

– Stay on track with publishing tasks.

– Gain the confidence and clarity needed to see your book on shelves this summer or in time for the holiday market, the most crucial sales season of the year.

Let Your Unstoppable 2024 Publishing Plan be a commitment to turning your publishing dreams into reality in 2024. This is the year you become an unstoppable force in the world of publishing. Join us and set your course for an incredible publishing journey this year!


Carla King is the Nonfiction Authors Association VP of Business Development, the Nonfiction Authors Podcast host, course developer and workshop leader. She is also an adventure travel writer and publishing expert. She’s the author of the Self-Publishing Boot Camp Guide for Independent Authors, the Publishing Boot Camp Workbook for Authors, the Consumer’s Guide for Authors, Editors, and Publishers, and several memoirs.


Event lasts 60 minutes and includes Q&A with the speaker. Starts Feb 6, 2024 at 10 AM Pacific Time / 1 PM Eastern Time.

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This complimentary event is hosted by the Nonfiction Authors Association and Nonfiction Writers Conference.

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